Thursday, March 15, 2012

For #psychat


Set up room with desks facing each other around room.
A vs B
C vs D
Create as many match - ups as your class needs!
Give the kids a control sheet - just ask and I will send you mine.

Each round on mine looks like this
Round #___

Teacher asks three questions and a tie-breaker.
A and B compare answers.  C and D compare answers.  Each pair determines winners by comparing number of answers correct - only use tie breaker if there is a tie!

Winners move up one match up.
so next round might be
A (winner rnd 1) vs Z
D (winner rnd 1) vs B (stayed in same seat :{ )
B (stayed in same seat :{ ) vs E? (winner of rnd 1)

Person that lost sits still and faces the winner of match up behind it.
A few of the pairings around the room, I label as hot seats  (put red contraction paper between the two desks).

I love using this to gauge knowledge level, give cheesy hints.  I try to use goof tie breakers that give test hints or create engagement in class.  Many of the tie breakers are me saying pick a number between 0-100 and then asking a random kid their jersey # in a sport or their favorite number.  We will collect hot seats as they take the test!

- I can review with them the questions/concepts that I am concerned about.
- We can have a fun class but make them comfortable with what to study.
- Kids have numerous chances to get points on test.

- Competition can be unhealthy
- Some kids may not move
- May breed over confidence for the test.

One more:
if there is an odd # of kids in class.  Create one hot seat where if kid gets 1 answer right - they get point on test and move on; if they do not get one right - they get one point on test and move on!

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